About CoolBreezeProduct.com

Cool Breeze, a registered brand with www.usps.gov, was founded in 2015, is specialized in manufacturing and branding Humidifiers and Aroma Diffusers. We recently launched model Dinosaur Egg Essential Oil Diffuser on the market and we have received tons of positive feedback on the design, functionality and quality. We will continue to develop new products in this niche so please stay tuned!

Please direct questions to info@coolbreezeproduct.com or call 678-999-6198.

Who we are

We’re a group of talented designers and engineers in the industry of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuer|humidifier. We are committed to providing high quality and hand crafted products in their beneficial functionality, stylish design and artwork to meet customers’ needs. We love what we do and your satisfaction is our passion. Our products are truly one-of-a kind which you can not find anywhere else.

We apply advanced ultrasonic technology to maintain the integrity of essential oils along with robust testing to ensure our products meet the international industry standard of CE, RoHS and ETL. That’s why we provide industry leading Six Month Manufacturer Warranty on our products.